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Nat Pro Gas is your only Pictou County’s source for comprehensive generator service from purchase through installation, service and repair. If you’re thinking about upgrading your power source, call Nat Gas Pro for generator sales and installation.

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Propane & Natural Gas

We offer the lowest cost propane refills in Pictou county for Propane & Natural Gas for Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients. 

Installations & Repairs

Red Seal Plumbers & Electricians  on staff for quality Propane, Natural Gas, Plumbing, & Electrical installations and repair services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients. 

Generator Sales & Installations

We carry a wide range of house hold appliances & heating systems including Fireplaces, Kitchen Stoves, Hot Water Systems (On-Demand & Conventional), Generators and much more!

From Generators to Stoves & Appliances

Sales, Installations & Repairs - Nat Pro Gas has your covered & protected all with affordable pricing

Take control of your indoor
temperature & energy bill

The advantages of heating your home with natural gas are abundant, including convenience, energy and cost savings, reliable supply, and environmental benefits.

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