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Propane & Natural Gas

We offer the lowest cost propane refills in Pictou county for Propane & Natural Gas for Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients. 

Installations & Repairs

Red Seal Plumbers & Electricians  on staff for quality Propane, Natural Gas, Plumbing, & Electrical installations and repair services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients. 

Equipment Sales & Installations

We carry a wide range of house hold appliances & heating systems including Fireplaces, Kitchen Stoves, Hot Water Systems (On-Demand & Conventional), Generators and much more!

From Generators to Stoves & Appliances

Sales, Installations & Repairs - Nat Pro Gas has you covered & protected all with affordable pricing

Take control of your indoor
temperature & energy bill

The advantages of heating your home with natural gas are abundant, including convenience, energy and cost savings, reliable supply, and environmental benefits.

Call us at (902) 485-5498 to find out how!

Why do the best restaurants cook with natural gas?

A gas oven gives you greater control over your cooking temperature. Warm-up time is less with gas. Once you turn off the oven, cooking stops almost immediately. The instant on-off feature with gas cooking gives you complete freedom in cooking. With electric ovens, you need to allow some time for the oven to cool down. Some dishes may be affected by the prolonged high temperatures. Natural gas also cooks food more evenly than electricity giving you better results in cooking.

Nat-Pro Gas Services is a locally owned and operated Propane, Plumbing & Natural Gas company located in Lyons Brook, Nova Scotia. We offer the lowest cost propane refills in the county as well as complete Propane, Natural Gas & Plumbing installation and repair services for Residential, Commercial & Industrial clients.